What Are Some Ideas for Pastor's Wife Appreciation Month?

Some ideas for Pastor's Wife Appreciation Month include telling stories about how God has worked through a pastor's wife to assist the church community, using the hashtag #PastorsWifeAppreciation on social media to post messages of thanks, praying with her, buying her a cup of coffee and texting her to send messages of appreciation. March was designated Pastor's Wife Appreciation Month in March 2015 by Crossway Ministry. It was developed as an online campaign to show appreciation to pastors' wives.

Pastors' wives stand beside their husbands in ministry to the church. Crossway Ministry created Pastor's Wife Appreciation Month to ask church members to honor the wives for their important work. Church members are also asked to encourage their pastor's wife to continue her ministry work.

Another idea for Pastor's Wife Appreciation Month is to ask each church member to write and mail a thank you letter or note of encouragement throughout the month. A volunteer can distribute stamped and addressed envelopes to other members to help them with this task.

Church members can gather and take a photo. This photo can be placed on wide matting so that everyone can add a note before framing the photo and presenting it to the pastor's wife.

Each church member or group can choose one day during the month of March to present the pastor's wife with a surprise token of appreciation. Examples include balloons, candy, a gift certificate or a baked item.