What Are Some Ideas for a Neon Party?


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To host a great neon party, incorporate as many neon elements and bright colors as possible into the decorating scheme. Switch standard light bulbs to black light bulbs, buy "invisible" neon paint and paint patterns in the room with the black light turned on. Standard lights can also be switched to neon lights.

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Tell party guests to wear UV-reactive clothing. If that's not possible, a simple white garment works well, as white clothing is a fail-safe way for one to glow during a black-lit party. Many stores and online retailers sell neon reactive clothes in an abundance of colors, including bright greens and blues. If there is a dance area at the party, use a strobe light to add an exciting accompaniment to the neon lighting.

Neon face paint enables guests to create great patterns on their bodies that glow brightly under UV lighting. It is strongly recommended to leave at least one room of the party venue lit with standard incandescent lighting, as excessive exposure to UV lighting can cause headaches for some people. Handing out glow sticks to guests not only brightens up the room and embraces the neon vibe, but it also helps to make everyone feel like a part of the action.

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