What Are Some Ideas for Conflict Resolution?


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One of the key pieces of advice that experts give for conflict resolution is communication, notes Forbes. Other tips include moderating or overriding emotions, clearly defining acceptable behavior and viewing conflict as a opportunity to learn leadership skills and develop cooperation within a team. Particularly within the workplace, where conflict is often unavoidable, it is a good idea to embrace rather than attempt to avoid it.

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Avoidance of conflict is generally not a good idea, because workplace conflicts do not tend to be self-resolving. They are far more likely to worsen over time and lead to rifts within a team, according to Forbes.

Communication underpins conflict resolution, not only in the workplace but in all spheres of life. Ensuring that everyone involved in a conflict is aware of all the pertinent information, be it about workplace tasks or interpersonal misunderstandings, can help to bring conflicts to a quick resolution. In the workplace, a good way of resolving conflicts is to establish a clear hierarchy or procedural framework that can be cited when miscommunication or conflicts arise.

Keeping emotions in check is another fundamental idea for conflict resolution, and often a difficult one to remember during the midst of a heated conflict. Always aiming to understand the perspective of others involved can help with this, as can defining acceptable behavior.

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