What Are Some Ideas for Church Fundraisers?

Ideas for church fundraisers include selling items such as baked goods, Christmas ornaments and flowers. Events such as pancake breakfasts and car washes are also good ways for churches to make money.

Selling items such as Christmas cookies is a good way to make money. People can buy a box and fill it with cookies of their choice. Members can make and sell Christmas ornaments. Silicone bracelets are very inexpensive and easy to personalize with phrases such as "Got Faith?" or "WWJD?" Flowers and greenery are a big seasonal money maker for churches. Selling Easter lilies, poinsettias and wreaths are all good ways to make a profit.

To facilitate a church sale, the church members can collect items, price and sell them, or they can rent tables to individuals as at a flea market. Another reliable way many churches make money is to hold a car wash in the summer.

Collecting pledges is another great way to generate money. Church members can ask for pledges in exchange for activities such as cleaning up trash. Pancake breakfasts don't cost much, and they are easy to hold. Some photography companies partner with churches to have a portrait day, shooting family portraits or a special dress-up photo in formal or vintage clothing.