What Are Some Ideas for a Christian Women's Retreat?

One idea for a Christian women's retreat includes centering the event around a specific theme, such as "Soaring on Eagle's Wings." Another idea involves providing a mixer, so the women can talk and learn from each other, as well as gain advice from spiritual speakers. Other themes to consider when planning a retreat include "Walking by faith," "Safe in the Arms of our Lord" and "Straight is the Path."

Those planning a Christian women's retreat need to consider several variables, including precision timing. Although a 24-hour retreat is preferable, it is not always practical. An 8-hour retreat can still be meaningful. The activities simply need to adhere to a specific timeline, while still being flexible enough for potential problems and changes.

A second aspect to contemplate is the activities. Common activities include women getting to know each other and talk. This can be achieved through mixers, board games and small-group discussions. Some additional mixer ideas range from manicures and pedicures to treasure hunts and rope courses.

A speaker is another important element to think about. Possible speakers can be wives of church leaders or national religious speakers. Regardless of who they are, the speaker needs to be relevant and enjoyable, while giving the women practical advice for their day-to-day lives.