What Are Some Ideas for a Black History Program in Church?

Skits, songs and poems are good additions to a Black history program for a church. For the skits, children can create a short narrative for important figures from Black history.

To get the children involved in the process, they can help write the skits that are used. Children and teenagers can also write poems and recite them. There is also the option to recite poetry from black poets, such as Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou and Nikki Giovanni. To enhance the presentation, the children can dress as the characters they are portraying.

Part of the program can include older members of the church and community telling their experiences of growing up during the Civil Rights era. Invite them to share photographs or other memorabilia they have from their childhood. The program does not have to be limited to performance arts. The children can also set up displays around the building featuring key moments and figures from Black history. Each child can be responsible for explaining the significance of his or her display. To add a modern twist to the program, an adult can host a game show that features facts from Black history. For instance, the children can play "Jeopardy" with categories, such as "Key Figures."