What Are Some Ideas for Bible School Games?


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Some ideas for Bible school games include Battle of Knowledge and the Great Book Challenge. In Battle of Knowledge, students are tested on trivia questions gathered from the Bible. In the Great Book Challenge, students are challenged to recite all of the books of the Bible.

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For Battle of Knowledge, begin by creating 16 review questions. Using masking tape, create a four-by-four grid on the floor. The class is divided into two groups, with each choosing a color of dot to place in the grid. The aim of the game is for a team to get four circles in a row.

On each turn, one team throws a bean bag into one of the squares, and has the opportunity to answer a question about the Bible. If the team that throws answers incorrectly, the other team has an opportunity to answer the question. If the team answers correctly, a colored dot is placed in that square to represent that team.

In the Great Book Challenge, each student is challenged to recite all of the books of the Bible in order. Each student who can accomplish this task receives a candy bar, ribbon or a certificate. Shorter goals can also be established, including reciting the Old Testament books up to Song of Songs, reciting all of the Old Testament books and, finally, reciting the New Testament books.

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