What Are Some Ideas for a 28th Amendment?

Frequently proposed ideas for a 28th Constitutional amendment include excluding corporations or financial funds from freedom-of-speech protections, requiring legislatures to balance budgets after a deficit, and defining human embryos as people with inalienable rights. Unpopular political events have also generated support for amendments requiring state electors to adhere to popular votes and banning taxes imposed for choosing not to purchase goods.

An amendment reserving inalienable rights and freedom of speech for “natural persons” would prevent politicians from using excessive funding to influence campaigns. The amendment would restrict campaign contributions and expenses, allowing candidates of lower economic status to have equal visibility during the political process.

The abortion debate has motivated pro-life activists to pursue anti-abortion legislation granting constitutional rights to unborn embryos. However, pro-choice advocates have argued that a personhood amendment would create complications by automatically granting citizenship rights to any person conceived in the United States.

Al Gore’s presidential defeat in the 2000 election raised concerns that members of the electoral college should be compelled to comply with the popular vote. In that election, George W. Bush won the presidency despite losing the popular vote.

Negative reactions to the Affordable Care Act’s tax on uninsured citizens created support for an amendment barring the government from mandating the purchase of goods or services. The amendment would allow individuals to opt out of health care coverage without being penalized financially.