What Is the Ideal Cooking Time for a Porketta Roast?

jeffreyw/CC-BY 2.0

The ideal cooking time for a porketta roast in a covered roasting pan is between 35 and 40 minutes per pound in a 325 to 350 degree Fahrenheit preheated oven. Porketta roasts can be cooked in a slow cooker with a small amount of water on low for 8-10 hours.

The meat must reach an internal temperature of 160 degrees as measured by a meat thermometer. Other indications that the porketta roast is done is if all sides are brown and the pork is tender. Vegetables can be added to the pan at the beginning when slow cooking or in the final 40 to 50 minutes when cooking in the oven. Some recipes recommend uncovering the roast in the final 10 to 15 minutes of oven roasting.