What Is the Idea Behind Spiritual Twin Flames?


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The idea of spiritual twin flames is based on a new age belief that a special spiritual connection can exist between two people. Twin flames are considered two pieces that, when reunited, ascend to a higher spiritual plane and connect to form a larger spiritual being, sometimes referred to as an over soul.

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According to this belief system, each half of the twin flame couple was created from the same source in the beginning of time and was separated before coming to earth and inhabiting human bodies. These souls reincarnate several times and during each life have the feeling of their other half existing in the world.

Each soul is required to resolve spiritual baggage and learn many lessons before being ready to achieve reincarnation with the spiritual twin flame. The spirits continue to reincarnate into human form over several lifetimes until they reunite, which makes it possible for them to stop the reincarnation process and ascend to a higher astral plane if they have freed themselves of all spiritual obstacles.

Believers of the spiritual twin flame concept differentiate between soulmates and twin flames. According to their beliefs, soulmates are people who know each other from previous reincarnations and agree to help each other learn essential spiritual lessons throughout their lifetimes. Each person may have several soulmates throughout multiple lifetimes but only one spiritual flame twin.

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