How Do You Hypnotize Someone?


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There are several ways to hypnotize somebody by getting them to relax by certain suggestions and then speaking suggestions to influence the person's behavior. Hypnosis is a state of focused human consciousness and reduced peripheral awareness, in which the person being hypnotized is highly receptive to suggestions.

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How Do You Hypnotize Someone?
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The first step is to tell the person being hypnotized to relax his muscles. This gets rid of tension in his or her body and releases anxiety. Next, tell him to think about his or her breath. Controlling one's breathing slows it down. While he is focusing, suggest that his body is getting more relaxed and becoming tired. Suggest that he should close his eyes. Suggestions of tiredness, heaviness and relaxation leads to obeying.

Keep suggesting that the person relax more and more. This is called deepening into a trance. Tell the person to open his eyes, but if the person is in a state of hypnosis, he cannot be open them. Test the person to ensure that he is hypnotized.

Once you are sure the person is in a trance, you can influence the person's thoughts and behavior. Give the person whatever hypnotic suggestion you want. Bring the person out of the trance.

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