What Are Some Husband and Wife Wedding Night Traditions?

Some typical wedding night traditions are for the groom to carry the bride over the threshold of the room where they are to spend the night, decorating the room with scented candles and flowers, playing romantic music, using mood lighting, and wearing sexy clothing or lingerie. Some other traditions are taking a bath together, feeding each other strawberries or chocolates, using an aphrodisiac or sex toys, and massaging each other or hiring a professional masseuse.

Other cultures have traditions or rituals related to a couple's honeymoon. In 19th-century Russia, the bride would pull off the groom's boots on their wedding night. If she first pulled off the boot in which the groom had concealed a small gift, it would be seen as a sign of a married life of bliss. But if she first pulled off the boot in which the man had stored a small whip, he would strike her with it, foreshadowing a union filled with more of the same.

In some traditions, family and friends are involved in the wedding night. In Scotland, before the groom carries the bride over the threshold, friends and family break an oatcake or bannocks over her head and everyone takes a bite. In Germany, guests kidnap the bride and the groom has to find her. If he wants help, he must buy a drink for any friend who helps in the search. In Vietnam, the groom's mother precedes the couple to their new home taking pink chalk, to symbolize a happy future, and betel nuts, to pay respect to the groom and his family.