How Do Hurricane-Proof a Front Door?

To hurricane-proof a front door, install a door made of metal, fiberglass or solid wood and ensure that the hinges, screws and door jamb are in good shape. Install shutters to cover the door opening.

Front doors are susceptible to wind, heavy rains and flying debris during a hurricane. To make sure a door stays secure during a big storm, run though the following steps.

  1. Inspect the door
  2. Inspect the door, the door hardware and the door jamb carefully. Make sure that the door is made of a material that can handle a lot of pressure, such as solid wood, metal or fiberglass. Check the deadbolt and its strikeplate to make sure they are secure in the door and that none of the material around them have split. Make sure that there are three hinges on the door and that they are screwed securely into the door and jamb. Make sure the jamb is securely attached to the wall.

  3. Replace the door
  4. If the door is made of a weaker material such as wood panels, replace it with a sturdier door.

  5. Add hinges
  6. If the door only has two hinges, add an additional hinge.

  7. Secure the hinges, deadbolt and jamb
  8. If the hinges, deadbolt or jamb are loose, secure them with new screws. If the jamb is cracked, replace the cracked pieces.

  9. Install shutters
  10. Install non-porous shutters to cover the door in the event of a storm. Make sure the shutter covers the entire entryway.