What Are Humorous Topics for Devotions for Teachers?

Teachers can find humorous devotional topics throughout the Bible. One idea to use is the story of Jonah throwing a tantrum because God allowed a vine to die and rob Jonah of its shade. The book of Job also humorously describes the life of a stork and Proverbs includes some funny verses about pigs and lions. Teachers can encourage healthy humorous discussions on these topics for any age group.

Teachers can also talk about dealing with our enemies by telling the story about the reporter interviewing a centenarian who claims he has no enemies. The reporter is inspired by this, until the gentleman tells the reason: he has outlived them all.

Some teachers find more humor in the Bible the more they read it. A prophet takes a bathroom break in a story in the first book of Kings, according to minister Chuck Swindoll. David fakes insanity in the book of Samuel. He is later presented to a king who says he doesn't need him because has more than enough madmen in his house.

In addition to specific Bible verses and stories featuring humor, websites such as worthydevotions.com feature anecdotes of children interacting with church members, family, friends and even strangers. One story features a mother preparing pancakes for her children and telling them that Jesus would give his brother the first pancake. One child says to the other, "you be Jesus."