What Are Some Humorous Horoscopes?


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A humorous horoscope appearing on Astrology Weekly as of January 2016 states that Aries walk around with smug looks on their faces, and they really should not be so smug considering how often they clunk themselves on the head. The site's horoscope for Cancers states that they only put on clothing when they absolutely must. The Libra horoscope says Libras rely on their therapists or TV Guides to make decisions for them because they are incapable of making their own.

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A funny Astrology Weekly horoscope for Sagittarius states that Sagitarrians enjoys walking to the restroom without turning on the lights at night. It continues that they have an affinity for adhering bumper stickers with rude phrases to their vehicles.

Another site offering funny horoscopes is Laughsend. As of January 2016, the Virgo love horoscope predicts that the reader overhears gossip regarding her dating life while using the restroom. The Libra horoscope humorously predicts that the reader experiences much grief that day as he realizes that he cannot use the information he learned in trigonometry class to stop local flooding. A funny Scorpio horoscope on the site states that the reader has the best chance of achieving this success this week, so she had better pray that the planets stay aligned, lest the horoscope become null and void.

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