What Is a Human-to-Animal Transformation Spell?

A human-to-animal transformation spell is a procedure meant to transform a person's thoughts and behavior into the thoughts and behavior of an animal, although those providing information on human-to-animal transformations generally agree that such spells are for entertainment only. Generally, a human-to-animal transformation spell requires the person to focus on the animal the person wants to become and, after a period of reflection, ask the animal's permission to enter and inhabit its body.

A person wishing to perform a human-to-animal transformation must clear his mind and meditate before attempting to perform the spell. The person trying to transform into an animal must concentrate on the features of the animal he wants to become.

There are multiple ways to perform a human-to-animal transformation spell. All human-to-animal transformation spells require the person to recite certain words, though the exact words might vary depending on the type of spell the person chooses to perform. Some human-to-animal transformations may work immediately and others may take time for the person to fully inhabit the body and characteristics of the animal. Some transformations require the use of feathers and flames.

Human-to-animal transformation spells may cause various side effects, such as walking on all fours or growing additional body hair. Other side effects may include antisocial behaviors and an increased interest in nature and the outdoors. There is no evidence that human-to-animal transformation actually allows a human to inhabit an animal's body.