What Are the HP Printer Error Codes?

Among the error codes for HP laser printers are codes denoting paper jams, insufficient memory, bad transmission, paper-size problems, sealer tape on the toner cartridges and storage errors. In addition, many error codes denote various printer errors involving printer hardware or firmware.

HP printer codes that start with 13 all indicate paper jams. To solve a paper jam, the jammed paper should be removed, and the top cover should be opened and closed to clear the error message.

Printer code 20 indicates insufficient memory, and code 21 means the data sent to the printer was too complex for it to handle. Code 40 indicates a broken transmission between the printer and its EIO card. Code 41.3 usually indicates a problem with the paper tray. When error code 54.1 appears, it means the sealing tape still needs to be removed from a new ink cartridge. Error 50.X means the fuser needs to be replaced.

Error codes ranging from 41 to 64 indicate specific printer errors. These can point to paper-feed errors, scanner connection errors, firmware errors, line-voltage errors, detection of a loss of beam, incorrect laser scanner speed, internal-communication errors, fan failure, environmental-thermistor failure, motor error, printer memory problems or scan buffer errors.

Error codes starting with 66 indicate cable problems. Codes beginning with 68 mean that there is an error with the permanent storage or that the storage is full.