How Do You Find a House to Rent for a Party?

Caiaimage/Paul Bradbury/OJO+/Getty Images

Find a house to rent for a party or special event by searching on websites that specialize in the service, such as, Big Domain and Event Homes. A party planner can also check vacation rentals on Craigslist for homes that offer nightly rental rates.

Renting a house for a party is a popular alternative to renting a traditional event space or holding the party in a guest’s home. The type and size of home used for the party depends largely on the type of party being planned, as some homes contain features that are either inappropriate or unsafe for certain guests, while others lack essential equipment and space for special aspects. Party planners also need to think about food, alcohol and entertainment to pick the right space.

Many party house rental sites feature pictures and descriptions of each property available for rent, though it is always a good idea to visit the property first in person before making a financial commitment. An in-person visit allows the party planner to ensure that the house has the right amount of space for the party. Also, some websites often feature older pictures that don’t represent the current state and condition of a house.