How Do You Know If Your House Is Haunted?


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Unexplained noises, cupboards and cabinets that open and close on their own, lights that turn on and off by themselves and items that disappear and reappear at random are all signs that a house may be haunted. Unexplained shadows and a sense of being watched are other signs.

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Strange behavior by pets can also indicate the presence of spirits. A dog or cat may cower without reason, refuse to go into a room or even bark at an unseen entity. Experts say that animals have a finely tuned psychic sense and can see things that humans cannot.

More definitive proof of a haunting involve actually observing a door opening on its own or seeing a toy power on by itself. Being touched or brushed is also reported by those experiencing hauntings. Hearing an audible voice, whisper or cry can indicate the presence of a spirit in the home. In some haunted houses, researchers report temperature fluctuations within the home or a particular room. These hot or cold spots can be evidence of a haunting.

Other indicators of hauntings include distinct unexplained smells, objects that move or levitate, and unexplained handprints or footprints. Although rare, apparitions may appear to humans, sometimes in mist or solid forms that look similar to living people. Personal assaults on humans have also been reported, including hard shoves, slaps and scratches.

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