How Do I Get My House Blessed?

Because house blessings are rituals endemic to several religions, one can often contact a priest or pastor to arrange for one's house to be blessed. Many religions and cultures focus on house blessings during certain times of the year or at certain holidays, as well as when a family moves in to a new home.

All three major branches of Christianity contain traditions of house blessing, with Catholic and Orthodox churches holding house blessing rituals on Epiphany or Theophany, respectively. The tradition has its roots in the visit of the Magi to the home of the infant Jesus.

House blessing rituals typically involve moving through the house room by room and stopping to pray in each room for the occupants and for protection of the home. If a priest or pastor is conducting the blessing, he may sprinkle holy water as he moves from room to room. Prayers are said for the entire family, and sometimes a small celebration or feast is held. Some Protestant groups also hold more informal house blessings when a family moves to a new home.

House blessings also take place within the Hindu and Buddhist religions, typically when a family is moving into a new home. In most parts of India, the blessing consists of chanting from room to room throughout the house.