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Although there has been little research into the specific validity of horoscopes, the way in which celestial bodies interact with the Earth's magnetic field may have an influence over human behavior and brain development in fetuses. This view is a rather fringe opinion in science, however, and is by no means verified or widely supported. Changes in the Earth's magnetic field are considered by most scientists to be too subtle to influence human behavior.

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In any case, the signs of the zodiac that people tend to associate themselves with are in themselves invalid.

They are determined by the position of the sun in relation to the zodiacal constellations on the day of a person's birth. In other words, a person is described as a Leo if the sun was aligned with that constellation when they were born. However, since the signs of the zodiac were established thousands of years ago, the phenomenon of precession has changed the position of the constellations relative to observers on the Earth.

In fact, the relative positions of the signs have shifted to the west by almost one-tenth of the way around the sky. This means that, for most people, the sun was actually aligned with a completely different constellation on the day of their birth, rather than the one they have been told it was aligned with.

For those born between November 29 and December 17, their true zodiacal sign is actually one that does not even appear in the horoscopes section of newspapers: Ophiuchus (pronounced Oaf-ih-YOU-kus), the Snake Bearer.

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