Are Horoscope Readings Accurate?


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Although horoscopes may seem accurate, they have no scientific basis and research has proven them to be unreliable, according to Pacific Standard. Their apparent accuracy results from a combination of common mental processes such as confirmation bias and subjective validation.

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Are Horoscope Readings Accurate?
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Horoscopes create vague pronouncements that apply to most people in some ways. People also have a tendency to focus on the parts that they agree with while ignoring the parts that are not true, which is known as confirmation bias. Since most horoscopes describe common events with little detail, most readers can apply the horoscope to their own lives. Scientific studies show that astrological signs do not predict traits like extroversion or political affiliation, and in one study six astrologers failed to correctly match astrological profiles with individual case files, even though the files included life histories and personality assessments.

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