How Do You Find Homework Answers Online?

Elisabeth Schmitt/Moment/Getty Images

For fast homework answers, students can utilize websites that connect students with tutors. 24HourAnswers is one tutoring site for college students, and offers tutoring for all types of students. also focuses on serving K-12 students.

Peer tutoring connects students with peers for a more flexible, comfortable tutoring experience. Brainfuse is an online peer-to-peer tutoring platform. Besides tutors, the Internet offers a large variety of resources for researching scholastic subjects. All-purpose informational sites include, and Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia is a user-created encyclopedia, it is a good starting point for research, but students should double-check facts found here..

MIT Open Courseware is another helpful site for college-level homework answers. Through this site, MIT offers open access to the study materials associated with most MIT classes. These materials include study guides and streaming video lectures for dozens of topics.

Whether digital or printed, flash cards are proven tools for aiding memorization. Quizlet, Study Shack and Brain Fiips are some of the numerous sites with web-based flash cards for students.

Project Gutenberg is another website with good potential for completing homework assignments. This organization hosts a vast collection of books in the public domain. This resource is particularly useful for literature students, as is CliffsNotes.