Where Do Homeless People Live?

Where Do Homeless People Live?

Since homeless people have no specific location to return to at night, they often set up their home bases in storage units, cars, motels and tent cities. Other places include parks, abandoned buildings and public streets.

Finding a safe location to spend the night is particularly challenging for homeless people. If the individual has a storage unit containing some of their few possessions, they may find shelter in this typically small room. Storage unit locations often have policies to discourage homeless people from spending the night, but it can provide some safety for them.

Some homeless individuals have either a car or sufficient money for a motel. Most parking areas don't allow any particular car to stay in one location for an extended amount of time, so the homeless person must be able to move the vehicle with some regularity. This can be challenging for those without sufficient funds to maintain the vehicle.

Tent cities are typically formed by a group of homeless individuals who come together to shelter under tent structures. In some areas these tent cities are well known, but in some places the public may be unaware of their existence.

Some of the most dangerous locations for homeless people include public streets, city parks and abandoned buildings. Individuals staying in these places are most vulnerable, and in many areas, local law enforcement prevents them from staying for an extended period.