What Holidays Are Celebrated in Cuba?

Since the largest organized religion in Cuba is Roman Catholic, Cubans celebrate many holidays similar to the United States. In addition to religious holidays, Cuba also observes some holidays in recognition of its revolutionary past.

Just as most nations that consist of a predominantly Christian or Catholic society, Cuba observes Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Christmas Day. One of the most festive times in Cuba is July, which is when Cubans celebrate three national holidays in a row. July 25 is known as the Revolution Anniversary, July 26 is known as the Day of Rebellion, and July 27 is known as the Revolution Anniversary Celebration.

The Day of Rebellion celebration on July 26 commemorates the attack on the Moncada army garrison by Fidel Castro and the beginning of the road to independence for the Cuban people. These events are celebrated during a one-week carnival that celebrates Cuba's road to Independence with dancing, music, food and costumes. The festival is held annually in Santiago de Cuba.

Other major Cuban holidays include Liberation Day on Jan. 1 and Independence Day on May 20, although Cuba truly gained independence on Oct. 10, which is the day of the beginning of the War of Independence.