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Holiday Mathis went to the University of Nevada on a music scholarship and received a publishing deal with EMI. She learned about astrology from celebrity astrologer Joyce Jillson, for whom she served as an apprentice for 13 years.

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Holiday Mathis earned the nickname "the rock 'n' roll astrologer" by predicting the release dates of popular CDs and working with famous music artists. Mathis has written songs that have been featured on the albums of Katy Rose and Jeannie Kendal. The soundtrack for the film "Agent Cody Banks" also contained a song written by Mathis. Mathis has also written multiple children's books and screenplays.

Mathis looks at astrology as a form of music, and says that the movement of the planets creates musical intervals. She translates these "songs" when writing horoscopes. She has compared the planets to characters in a drama to simplify the effect they have on people's everyday lives. For example, she compares Jupiter to a rich uncle and Mercury to a best friend.

Mathis wrote an astrological guide in 2007, "Rock Your Stars: Your Astrological Guide to Getting It All." The book teaches readers how to make modern life decisions based on astrology. It also includes reader questions answered by Mathis and astrological profiles of public figures.

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