How Do You Hold a Seance?

How Do You Hold a Seance?

To hold a séance, decide the number of people taking part in the ritual. Next, establish a spirit-friendly atmosphere, practice common sense and address any entities with knowledge and respect. Finally, close the door to the spirit world properly, and end on a prayer or blessing.

  1. Create the space

    When selecting a group for the séance, you should consider factors including the size of your space and people's views on the subject. Avoid overcrowding and bringing nonbelievers into the mix, as they may add negative energy to the ritual. Next, set up the space in a spirit-friendly manner. Candles are believed to attract spirits and help with visibility. Use drapes and incense, and you may also want to perform a cleansing ceremony beforehand.

  2. Stay relaxed

    Start with some refreshments to calm your party's nerves. Make sure everyone is comfortable before the séance begins. Turn off all cell phones and any device that may cause a distraction during the ceremony. Finally, after the group is seated, begin a form of guided meditation or prayer.

  3. Perform the séance

    A séance should always have a person acting as the medium. If there is a specific spirit the party wishes to make contact with, call the person by name. Make sure you are respectful and aware of all the ways a spirit may respond. Close the séance by thanking the spirit and bidding it farewell.