What Is the History of the Lord's Prayer?


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Biblical scholars believe Jesus first recited the Lord’s Prayer to his disciples, and one of them wrote it down in a collection of sayings that became known as the “Oracles of the Lord.” The original Aramaic version was later translated by the Greek scholars who wrote the Gospels of Luke and Matthew.

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The Lord’s Prayer appears in the New Testament of the Bible, first in the Book of Luke and then in the Book of Matthew. In the Book of Luke, 11:2-4, one of the disciples asks Jesus for a lesson on how to pray, and he responds by reciting the Lord’s Prayer. In the Book of Matthew, 6:-13, near the end of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus warns his disciples to avoid being ostentatious and using long empty phrases when they pray. He offers the Lord’s Prayer as an example of the proper way to pray.

While many different versions of the Lord’s Prayer have existed throughout history, the most commonly used version, recited by Christians around the world, first appeared in the 1549 edition of the “Book of Common Prayer,” during the reign of King Henry VIII. Until the end of the Middle Ages, the prayer was said only in Latin and was known as the Pater Noster.

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