What Are Some Hints That Jesus and Mary Magdalene Were Married?

Some hints that Jesus and Mary Magdalene married include that Mary Magdalene went to Jesus' tomb to wash and prepare him for burial and that several Gnostic gospels reference and discuss Jesus' marriage to Mary Magdalene. In Biblical times, no woman washed and anointed a man's body if she was not the man's wife, which lends credibility to the possibility that Mary Magdalene married Jesus.

Jesus was a Jewish rabbi, and the Biblical scriptures call Jesus a rabbi several times. In Jesus' time, almost all rabbis married, and rabbis typically marry in modern times. In Jesus' time, marriage was a prerequisite to becoming a rabbi and leading religious followers.

The Biblical apostle Paul advocated for celibacy and abstaining from sexual behavior, but Paul never invoked Jesus' life as an example of honorable, celibate behavior, according to the Huffington Post. Mary Magdalene observed the crucifixion of Jesus. She went to Jesus' tomb after his death and announced Jesus' resurrection.

Another hint that Mary Magdalene married Jesus is that in 1980, archaeologists found an ancient tomb site outside of Jerusalem. The tomb site contained etchings of the names "Jesus, son of Joseph, "Yose," the nickname of one of Jesus' brothers, and "Mariamene," known throughout literature as Mary Magdalene. The tomb site also contained etchings for a child, named in the etchings as "Judah, son of Jesus," which suggests that, not only did Jesus marry Mary Magdalene, but that Mary Magdalene also gave birth to a child, according to the Huffington Post.

An unpublicized fifth gospel exalted Mary Magdalene's marriage to Jesus, claims Israeli-Canadian filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici. The manuscript claims that an Egyptian pharaoh officiated the wedding and that the couple celebrated a wedding feast for seven days.