What Is Hephaestus' Symbol?

Hephaestus' symbols most often include the hammer, anvil and tongs. The god of fire and the forge in Ancient Greek mythological tradition, he is usually depicted working over a forge or holding one of his tools while riding a donkey.

Hephaestus spends most of his time in his forge inside the volcano, Mount Aetna. He is the armorer and weaponsmith of the gods and a great artificer, capable of crafting autonomous bronze machinations that follow his bidding. Hephaestus created the first woman, Pandora. Hephaestus is either the son of both Hera and Zeus or the offspring of Hera alone due to her jealousy of Zeus' escapades or the birth of Athena. He is the only ugly god, having facial distortions as well as lame feet and is always depicted with these traits on pottery. Why he has these features varies among mythological traditions.