Is the Hebrew Calendar for 2014 Accurate?


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The Hebrew calendar for 2014 is accurate by about 45 minutes to the Gregorian calendar. The Hebrew calendar deviates by approximately 1.5 hours every 19 years from the Gregorian calendar and requires adding one day every 300 years.

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An average lunar month in the Hebrew calendar deviates from the actual lunar month measured by modern astronomers by only 10 minutes every 100 years. Adjusting the lunar-based Hebrew calendar to the solar-based Gregorian calendar requires adding roughly 1.5 hours every 19 years, or approximately 1 day every 300 years. The two calendars were last reconciled in 2005 to 2006, so after nine years, the Hebrew calendar deviated by less than an hour, or about 45 minutes, from the Western calendar for the year 2014.

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