What Is a Heartagram?

A heartagram is the fusion of a heart and an inverted pentagram, and it is the trademarked logo for the Finnish band His Infernal Majesty, more commonly known as HIM. The symbol was created by Ville Vallo, who claims that it's a modern yin-yang type contrast between good and evil. He added that it stands for a love of metal music and represents the band HIM as an entity.

The heartagram is now commonly considered a symbol that represents opposing things coming together, such as a blending of love and hate, hot and cold, or life and death. The band HIM uses the symbol for promotional purposes, printing it on CD covers, clothing and souvenir items. Bam Margera, a professional skateboarder, reality star for the television series "Jackass" and close friend of Ville Valo's, uses the symbol for promotional purposes as well.

The heartagram symbol has also been featured in popular videos and television shows. The group Gorrillaz used it in their music video "DARE," and it has been shown on television shows such as "Charmed" and "Criminal Minds." Many fans of the band HIM have tattoos of the heartagram, including prominent celebrity figures Kelly Osbourne and Kat Von D.