How Do You Hear and See Spirits?

To hear and see spirits, set up a soothing physical environment, relax the body, quiet the mind and enter through a door. Ask for protection and call on only the benevolent spirits to appear. Receive messages from the spirits and give them thanks.

Asandra, an internationally known spirit medium, suggests that the best way to contact spirits is to enter into contact with them while in a trance. A person does not need to be special or "chosen" to be able to hear or see spirits. All that is needed is openness and exercising basic safety while engaging with the spirit world.

Step 1: Prepare yourself

Wear comfortable clothes and no jewelry. Stretch and shake to let go of tension. Breathe deeply and settle into a comfortable sitting position. Dim the lights and light candles or incense. Set the intention of receiving the best guidance from the most loving and knowledgeable spirits. Take it slow.

Step 2: Go through a gateway

Find a quiet spot between inhaling and exhaling. Go deeper into that space. Call onto a Higher Power for protection in this quest. Chant Aum (Om) slowly. See a type of a gateway that will appear. Imagine yourself as a light body, and step through this gateway.

Step 3: Communicate with the spirits

Call on the supportive spirits; ask them for help in general life matters or with a specific problem. Ask the spirits for signs and messages. Before returning, send gratitude to the spirits.

Step 4: Return to everyday life

Gently exit through the same door as was used for entering the trance. Slowly return to waking consciousness. It is possible to make this practice a daily exercise for better connection with the spirits.