What Are Some Healing Prayers?

What Are Some Healing Prayers?

Some healing prayers are "Short Prayer for Healing" and "Powerful Prayer for Healing." Additional prayers that focus on God's mercy and pleas for healing are "Prayer for a Sick Person" and "Prayer for Healing and Comfort."

"Short Prayer for Healing" begins by talking about God's mighty love and his protection of people. The speaker says that she knows that God offers healing. She then asks that Christ's suffering bring her restoration. She says that God is a savior and friend and that she dwells within God's embrace.

Similarly, "Powerful Prayer for Healing" focuses on God's might and his ability to heal. The prayer reflects on God's prior healing miracles that include bringing people back to life and healing the sick. After thanking God for his sacrifices and his redeeming love, the speaker asks for physical restoration and for health to grow until it overflows.

In "Prayer for a Sick Person," the speaker asks God to visit another person and restore her to health. God offers mercy and strength in a person's time of need, the prayer says, and the prayer asks God to heal the sick person and enable the person to resume her normal life. The prayer asks that the sick person eventually join God in enjoying eternal life.

A sick person talks to God on her own behalf in "Prayer for Healing and Comfort." She says that God knows how hard her life has been and that God feels the person's pain and discomfort. The prayer says that she knows God shares her sorrows with her. She asks God to give her a plan for hope and healing.