What Do the Hawaiian Elite Own?

hawaiian-elite-own Credit: Liysa Liysa/Perspectives/Getty Images

Wealthy Hawaiians typically make their fortunes owning land. Because Hawaii is a small group of islands, the amount of land available to own is scarce. This makes the land values very high.

Jay Shidler is one of Hawaii's most successful commercial real estate owners. HawaiiBusiness estimates that Shidler owns over 1.5 million square feet of office space through his company, Pacific Office Properties. Other wealthy Hawaiians own hotels, resorts, businesses, stores and other forms of property.

Duncan MacNaughton is another elite property owner in Hawaii. He's been involved in over 3 million square feet of retail and residential properties throughout Hawaii. He also helped develop popular stores such as Costco and Target, and he's credited with bringing major retail franchises to Hawaii, such as Starbucks, Blockbuster and Jamba Juice.

The backgrounds of Hawaii's richest citizens are very diverse. Many of them are entrepreneurs, owning news media companies, restaurant chains and tech companies. Some of Hawaii's richest entrepreneurs are connected to popular websites.

Pierre Omidyar is considered Hawaii's wealthiest resident. In 1995, he founded eBay, a well-known Internet auction site. In 2011, Forbes estimated that his fortune was 6.2 billion dollars. According to HawaiiBusiness, Omidyar's shares of eBay could be worth 4.1 billion dollars.

Henk Rogers is another wealthy Hawaiian and is credited with popularizing the iconic video game Tetris, along with many other mobile phone games.