What Are Some Haunted Mansions?


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Some reportedly haunted mansions include the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri, and the Glensheen Mansion in Duluth, Minnesota. The Felt Mansion in Michigan and the Southern Mansion in Cape May, New Jersey, are also haunted.

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The Lemp Mansion was built in 1868 and has a large underground cave and passage that once led to the Lemp brewery. Now operating as an inn and restaurant, workers and guests experience flying objects and doors that lock and unlock by themselves. They hear disembodied voices and report seeing a spirit called the Lavender Lady.

Elizabeth Congdon was murdered in the Glensheen Mansion in 1977. After her unsolved murder, her ghost was spotted looking out of an upstairs window. The Felt Mansion was built in 1928 and has been a private home, part of a boys school and a residence for cloistered nuns. Visitors report seeing unexplained "shadow people" and doors that open by themselves.

Built in 1863 as a country estate for wealthy industrialist George Allen, the Southern Mansion was painstakingly restored in the mid-1990s after a long period of decay. A happy female spirit haunts the home. Visitors hear the swish of her petticoat and her laughter. They also smell her perfume and see her spirit dancing.

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