What Happens at a Session With a Psychic Reader?


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Each psychic approaches a reading according to the patron and the nature of the reading, but most sessions resemble a visit with a friend or an adviser. In a private, intimate setting, the two parties sit facing each other. Most psychics begin the session with eyes closed in a quiet, meditative state. Some psychics take a few deep breaths, call upon the spiritual entities needed for the reading, and add a prayer for protection.

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What Happens at a Session With a Psychic Reader?
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With eyes open, the psychic may take the patrons hands and briefly gaze into his eyes. As the messages come, the psychic usually sits back in a more relaxed position and begins imparting the messages meant for the patron. The psychic may see pictures through which he reads the energy associated with the patron's issues or questions. The psychic's objective is to tell the patron what he sees and what it means, and the psychic tries to help the patron decide whether it is time to move on past the issues.

While receiving spirit messages, the psychic typically asks questions for confirmation to ensure that the patron understands and that the messages make sense. If the patron indicates a lack of sensibility or understanding, the psychic then asks the spirits for clarification. After delivering the messages, the psychic generally allows the patron to ask questions about the messages and other questions regarding an area of his life. When the session ends, one or both parties may request another reading at a later date.

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