What Happens When the Moon Is Conjunct With Pluto?

What Happens When the Moon Is Conjunct With Pluto?

Astrological readings indicate that when the Moon is conjunct with Pluto, those affected by it display intense emotional needs and a deep psychological understanding of others. An individual's natal chart indicates if they are affected by this event.

Those born when Moon is conjunct Pluto may experience a deep yearning for emotional satisfaction, love and connection. This yearning can be accompanied by insecurity or fear of their own emotions, and they might take measures to avoid displaying their emotions. They experience both fear and a desire for strong emotional connections.

These individuals are most likely psychologically in-tune with others. This stems from their own emotional understanding, which is then used to understand others. It can be used in a constructive manner to help others overcome their own emotional issues or self-destructive habits. It can also be destructive because this emotional and psychological understanding can lead them to view others in a negative light.

These yearnings and connections most likely stem from their relationships with their maternal figures. If the maternal figure experienced hardships during adolescence, the affected individual may have developed a strong desire to distance themselves from a similar lifestyle, leading to an emotional disconnect and strong desire for connection with others.

To overcome the emotional problems caused by this early rebellion from their maternal figure's lifestyle, it is essential to confront and overcome any past issues with confidence.