What Happens If My Car Is Hit While Parked?

If a car is hit while parked by another vehicle and the driver leaves insurance information, then the accident is covered with property damage. In other circumstances where a parked car is hit, it may be covered under uninsured motorist, comprehensive or collision coverage.

Car insurance policies typically only cover parked car accidents with comprehensive coverage. This coverage may include vandalism, a tree falling on a car, hail, floods, fire or a stolen vehicle. Property damage coverage only applies when the owner of the hit car knows who hit the vehicle. The claim is filed against the other person’s policy.

Collision coverage protects parked vehicles when they are hit by an unknown driver, also known as a hit-and-run accident. In some states, uninsured motorist coverage may be necessary to cover repairs if the other driver is known and does not have enough insurance or any insurance.

As long as the accident is not the fault of the hit vehicle, insurance rates do not usually rise for the driver. For a driver that hits a parked car or object in a parking lot, their rates are likely to rise just like any other at-fault accident. In the case of minor damage, the driver of the hit vehicle may be better off not reporting it.