What Happened to the Tangiers Casino?

The Tangiers Casino was a fictional casino in Martin Scorcese’s 1995 movie, “Casino.” The exterior and entrance foyer of the real-life Landmark Hotel and Casino served as the stand-in for the Tangiers Casino. The Landmark was demolished in a controlled implosion in 1995. The site has been a parking lot since the hotel’s destruction.

The Landmark Hotel and Casino struggled since construction began in the 1960s. It was located on Paradise Road and Convention Center Drive, away from the busy Vegas strip. The original building contractor, Frank Carroll, ran out of money partway through construction. The half-completed building stood empty until Carroll raised money to resume construction four years later. After running out of money again, Carroll sold the property to billionaire Howard Hughes. However, even Hughes’ money could not save the Landmark Hotel. Guests complained about the small, dark rooms and the strange, spaceship-like exterior. Meanwhile, newer hotels with larger rooms, upscale amenities and better locations lured customers away from the Landmark.

Hughes lost millions on the Landmark in its first year of operation. Nevada investor William Morris took over the property in the 1980s, but Morris also failed to make a profit despite spending millions more to update the hotel. The Landmark closed for good in 1990. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority bought the property and demolished the hotel and casino to gain extra parking space for the overcrowded Las Vegas Convention Center.