What Happened to Dr. Robert Schuller After the Sale of the Crystal Cathedral?


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After the sale of the Crystal Cathedral in 2010, Dr. Robert Schuller continued to lead Crystal Cathedral Ministries until 2011, when the board of directors voted for his ouster. Schuller had been director of the ministry in 2010, when it filed for bankruptcy. His son claimed that Schuller was dismissed because he supported board appointments that represented a conflict of interest within the organization.

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Disagreements arose within the Schuller family in 2011 about how to best run the ministry. These culminated in a conflict between family members over whether to enlarge the board of directors; it was this argument that led to Schuller's ouster. Dr. Schuller's daughter, Sheila Schuller Coleman, took control of the ministry in 2008 and remained as its head until 2012. Among their many disagreements, Schuller and Coleman argued over whether gay people were welcome in the church. Schuller believed that all should be welcome in the church, regardless of their sexual orientation.

From 2012 to 2013, Dr. Schuller pursued a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against his former ministry over copyright issues relating to "The Hour of Power" television program. The program had been registered under the Crystal Cathedral Ministries, but the Schullers insisted that the copyrights belonged to them. Ultimately, Dr. and Mrs. Schuller lost their suit and experienced financial difficulties afterward.

Schuller discovered he had esophageal cancer in 2013 and was hospitalized in Orange County, Calif. As the disease progressed, his daughter Carol Milner moved into his home to care for him. Schuller underwent an operation to place a stent in his esophageal tract in early 2015. He finally succumbed to cancer on April 2, 2015, at a nursing home in Artesia, Calif.

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