How Do You Handle Stressful Situations?

Individuals can handle stressful situations by taking deep breaths, evaluating the overall significance of a stressful situation or by expressing gratitude. Reciting the "Serenity Prayer" may also help alleviate stress, suggests Psych Central.

Much of stress management depends on how individuals take care of themselves on a consistent basis. Self-care includes engaging in exercise, meditating and doing other relaxation activities, such as watching enjoyable TV shows or listening to calming music. Having hobbies, such as painting, writing or playing sports can also help individuals be better prepared to manage stress. Getting adequate sleep also helps reduce stress levels. Using food, alcohol or drugs to deal with stress can cause other problems, such as weight problems and addiction.

The way in which individuals perceive events can also minimize the amount of stress a situation causes them. In instances where the outcome of a situation is out of one's control, learning to accept this reality can reduce stress. Setting boundaries and learning to say "No" also helps with managing stressful situations, especially when individuals are stressed because of too many commitments. Learning to assert oneself instead of people-pleasing helps individuals feel less overwhelmed.

Having a strong support system helps individuals manage stressful situations as well, as they can call on family and friends to help them sort out difficult problems.