What Are Some of the Habits of Highly Effective People?


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Highly effective people have goals for themselves, create systems that help them achieve their goals and frame their decisions in light of these goals. Additionally, highly effective people are confident, assume control of their lives, freely embrace change, resist multitasking, ask for help and are happy when others succeed.

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Effective people act purposefully and have short-term goals to help them achieve their long-term goals. Additionally, they commit to systems that provide a framework of success to achieve these goals. When forced to make decisions, effective individuals choose based upon what will help them accomplish a predetermined goal.

Effective people also believe in themselves and do not give up when challenged. Because effective people believe that they control their destiny, they do not resign themselves to luck or fate. Rather than wasting time worrying about what might happen to them, they focus on working on what they can control and making positive things happen. When confronted with accidents or new perspectives, they embrace and incorporate change for their own benefit. Also, effective people resist multitasking, and know that research has concluded that greater results are produced when tasks are approached one at a time.

Highly effective people are also not afraid to ask for help when they need it and foster relationships characterized by mutual respect that enable them to be inspired and to grow. They are also team-oriented and are fulfilled when others succeed because they know that everyone wins when an individual contributor succeeds.

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