What Is a Gypsy Wedding?

gypsy-wedding Credit: thefuturistics/CC-BY 2.0

A typical Gypsy wedding is loud, joyful and abundant with vivid colors and themes. There are glittering and sparkly materials and jewels and extravagant surroundings and decoration; all in all, the wedding is exaggerated. The Gypsy cultures throughout the world vary, so their wedding traditions also differ from one another.

According to The Daily Mail Online, a typical Gypsy wedding costs six times the average of non-Gypsy weddings. TV shows such as "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" illustrate the enormous amounts of money the brides' parents spend on dresses and accessories. The brides strive for a fantasy look and adorn themselves with large amounts of Swarowski crystals and shimmering accessories. They must arrive at the wedding in style, so it isn't rare to have a custom carrier made for them. The feasts and celebrations features an abundance of food and loud music, and the event normally lasts for several days at a time.

One of the Gypsy wedding customs is the stealing or the buying of the bride. Typically, the groom arrives with his friends or parents at the home of the bride, and he pays the amount of money that the bride's father has requested for the "loss of his daughter."