What Is This Gurgling Sensation in My Chest?

Indigestion, heart palpitations, stress, panic attacks, excessive caffeine intake or a thyroid condition can cause a gurgling sensation in the chest, according to WebMD. If chest pains, shortness of breath, sweating or fever accompany a gurgling sensation, a heart condition may be present.

Indigestion is a common culprit for gurgling sensations in the chest. Heartburn, which is more of a burning sensation, often accompanies indigestion, notes WebMD. Excessive alcohol consumption; use of drugs, such as pain relievers and aspirin that upset the stomach; and abnormalities in the digestive tract that lead to conditions such as an ulcer often cause indigestion.

Emotional problems, such as anxiety or depression, can also lead to indigestion or heart palpitations that cause a gurgling sensation in the chest, states WebMD. A panic attack, in particular, may cause the chest to contract or gurgle when a person is in a state of fear. An acute stress reaction or anxiety disorder also causes discomfort within the chest area that is accompanied by a shortness of breath and nervousness.

The most serious cause of a gurgling sensation is attributed to heart conditions, such as coronary artery disease and atrial fibrillation, asserts WebMD. Patients often experience heart palpitations, confusion and dizziness with chest cramps or gurgling sensations.