Does Guinness Keep a Record for Hairiest Male Chest?


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The Guinness Book of World Records website does not have any record for the hairiest male chest. The organization does, however, have records for the hairiest family, the hairiest girl and the longest chest hair.

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The record for the hairiest family was awarded in February 2000 to four members of the Ramos Gome family. According to the Guinness website, Victor Gomez, Gabriel Ramos Gomez, Luisa Lilia De Lira Aceves and Jesus Manuel Fajardo Aceves all hail from Mexico and all suffer from the same rare genetic condition known as congenital generalized hypertrichosis.The obvious main trait of this condition is excessive hair growth on a person's face and torso. The family has been affected by this condition for over five generations.

The hairiest girl in the world is Supatra Sasuphan, an 11-year-old girl who lives in Thailand. She was awarded the record from Guinness in March 2011. Supatra suffers from a rare genetic condition known as Ambras Syndrome, which is more popularly known as "Werewolf Syndrome." The disease causes excessive hair growth all over Supatra's body - her face, arms, back, and legs. Doctors have attempted to remove the hair via laser treatments, but the hair grows back each time. Ambras Syndrome is exceedingly rare, with only 50 cases in history ever recorded.

The record for the longest chest hair was awarded to Jingtao Zhao in September 2014. The hair measured 9.25 inches.

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