How Do You Grow a Eucalyptus Plant Indoors?

Growing a eucalyptus plant indoors requires using a container that is around 2-feet in diameter, and placing the new plant in the sun for several hours per day. Outside, eucalyptus plants can grow to over 75 feet tall, but they can be planted inside.

Indoor eucalyptus plants don’t grow nearly as large as their outdoor counterparts. However, without plenty of bright light, these plants struggle to survive indoors.

  1. Find a container
  2. Find a large container that is around 2 feet in diameter. . Half a whiskey barrel works well for this purpose.

  3. Add the soil
  4. Fill the container about halfway with quality potting soil and water thoroughly.

  5. Add the plant
  6. Plant the eucalyptus plant in the soil, making sure to place the root ball about 1 inch below the top edge of the container. Fill in with soil and pat the soil down, and then water once again.

  7. Place the container in a bright location
  8. Place the eucalyptus tree in a bright location usually a south-facing window. Those lacking a bright window may choose to place the plant outside during the day and bring it in at night.

  9. Water daily
  10. Eucalyptus plants do not tolerate dry soil, so water this plant every day. If the tree wilts, it needs water.

  11. Prune regularly
  12. Prune the eucalyptus plant regularly to keep it at a manageable size. Cut off the main branch at the top.

  13. Use a low-phosphorous fertilizer
  14. Once a month, use a slow-release fertilizer. Be sure it has a low phosphorous content.