What Are Some Gratitude Stories LDS Members Have?


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"Nine Lepers and a Thank You Note", "Sharing Time: Giving Thanks" and "Count Your Blessings" are several gratitude stories of LDS members. The purpose of gratitude stories in the LDS church is to teach members to look beyond what they see and be thankful in all circumstances.

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Gratitude stories are shared by both members and leaders. Many gratitude stories are centered around family, the church and loving one another. "Glad You're My Dad" and "Thankful for a Stepdad" are two gratitude stories that share the family topic of fathers who may not attend church but are reverent in the other ways they show love and care for their children. "Pioneer Parasols" conveys the topic of sacrifice, in which a young girl trades her only possession, a parasol, so her family can eat.

Everyday actions are also addressed in gratitude stories. In "Matt and Mandy," two children express their gratitude to a crossing guard, while "The Most Precious Gift" shows how sharing the gospel fulfills one's own needs along with those of others.

Gratitude stories are open to LDS members and attendees of all ages, and gratitude activities are also available for children. These activities include a gratitude tree on which children attach leaves each time they remember something for which they are grateful.

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