What Is a Grace Suitable for a Dinner Function?

What Is a Grace Suitable for a Dinner Function?

Examples of a grace prayer that is suitable for a dinner function include the Catholic grace prayer, Celtic prayers, general grace prayers and Jewish dinner prayers. All dinner prayers thank God for food and most prayers also praise God for providing the food and keeping the group safe enough to attend the meal.

In the Catholic grace prayer, the prayer calls God the Father of everyone. The speaker says that the meal is a sign that God blessed the people at the dinner. She then prays for God's blessing on the food. The speaker prays that those in attendance continue to glorify God in their actions.

In one Celtic prayer, the speaker says that some people cannot eat because they have no meat to eat. She says that others cannot eat because they don't have the physical ability to eat. The speaker then says that the group has both meat and the ability to eat and for those things she thanks God. In another Irish prayer, the speaker asks God to bless the food to benefit the bodies of those who eat it. She asks God to send anyone else in need of food to the meal so that they can share in the food.

Similarly, the Jewish dinner prayer begins by praising God and calling God the creator of things that live. The speaker says that God creates things that people need and that God sustains the life in the universe. In the prayer, the speaker praises God as the source of life in the universe.

One general grace prayer praises God for his greatness. The speaker thanks God for the food He provided for the meal. The prayer includes gratitude for all things that are good in the world and the blessings of loving friends.