What Are Some Good Words of Spiritual Encouragement?

One example of words that provide spiritual encouragement is attributed to James Dean: "Dream as if you'll live forever; live as if you'll die today." Other words of encouragement come from proverbs, with reminders to turn to the sun and let shadows fall behind, and that lighting a candle is a better option than cursing the darkness.

Another source for spiritual encouragement is the Bible. For example, Deuteronomy reminds the reader to be courageous and strong. It states that God is present and does not intend to leave or forsake the reader. The epistles to the Corinthians also carry reminders to be strong, stating that God is faithful, and that it is important to not lose heart. These books remind the reader that God does not give temptation that is too difficult to navigate, and that glory awaits, making it possible for people to endure momentary afflictions.

Words of encouragement are also in the Psalms, reminding the reader that in times of trouble, God is a stronghold. The Psalms also states that people can cast their burdens onto God, because he has the ability to sustain the righteous. Finally, Isaiah tells people not to fear or be dismayed, because God offers strength and aid.